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by Rahul Agarwal with Styldod.


In a high-paced and explosive industry like real estate, it can get difficult to reach your target audience, especially when you do not have a competitive advantage. Moreover, buyers now prefer to browse through listings online and shortlist the best ones before making an actual visit. This has made 3D rendering one of the most popular marketing tools in the history of real estate.

3D rendering includes creating 3D representations of a property and virtually adding elements to capture buyers’ attention. It can help you get the best deals for your listings and completely change the way you position yourself in a competitive industry like real estate. How? Let’s understand.

  1.       It Reduces the Operational…
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by Karl Kennedy of projectortop.com


What Seniors Should Consider When Selling Their Home

Aging in place doesn’t necessarily mean aging in the home that you have owned for most of your life. Sometimes the old homestead becomes more of a burden than it once was. Circumstances like health considerations, property maintenance requirements, or maybe a better climate can cause seniors to want to look for a new location to live out their golden years. There are some important factors to keep in mind when selling a home later in life.

 Start With Sound Financial Advice

Getting sound financial advice is the starting point for seniors that are considering selling their home. Tax rules are complicated when it comes to capital gains or selling at a…

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