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Work Space

Finding a Home with Work In Mind

For more and more of the current American workforce, WE work doesn’t have near as much influence over where we need to live. Having a short, or reasonable, commute time has become less important for the 24% for us that have joined the remote, or work from home workforce. Because employers are now allowing workers to do their jobs remotely, those remote workers are free to search for homes further away from traditional locations, like within certain city limits or neighborhoods.

What has become more important than location is the flexibility of spaces in the home. Remote workers need an office space that is separate from the home’s daily activities, set up for privacy, and…

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From Candy's Dirt
March 5, 2022 | Nikki Barringer 

We all know the Disney Streets. Lined with mid-century moderns and some other stuff, too. It’s the home to homes that make your eyes sparkle and your jaw drop. The latest listing from David Griffin’s Brandon Stewart is no exception. If you don’t know Stewart, take a deep dive here. He’s a musician, architect, and mid-century modern dreamweaver.

He found this house for his clients years ago. He scoured the MLS and some of his other sources and it appeared. Almost like magic. Because that’s what it is and that’s what Stewart does. He said the couple was looking for a true mid-century modern. Not a ranch-style house. And…

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