Classic Midcentury Modern Reinvented by Bernbaum Magadini

Posted by Brandon Stewart on Monday, May 8th, 2017 at 10:13am.

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The classic midcentury modern home has become one of the hottest properties in America right now. They are highly sought after by a broad demographic, and you can find them in a wide variety of price ranges and locations — if you’re lucky that is. They go fast! Our Monday Morning Millionaire at 7406 Currin Drive is the best of both worlds. It’s classic midcentury modern, but it’s been taken down to the studs and completely reinvented by the talented team at Bernbaum Magadini Architects.

The house was originally built in 1954 by Harvey L. Tracey. Back then we had probably a fourth of the wardrobe and accessories that we have now, so large walk-in closets were unnecessary.  Energy efficiency wasn’t even a concept. No one in the ’50s could imagine the absolute necessity of a master suite today. These homes were completely cool, but when you fast forward, they did not translate as well as they could to a new generation of home buyers.

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That’s what makes this classic midcentury modern home so unique and so rare to find in the Dallas market today. The sellers brought in Tricy Magadini to add much needed modern elements into the home’s midcentury soul.

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7406 Currin Drive 5

The house is now 3,949 square feet with five bedrooms and four bathrooms. All of the plumbing and wiring has been redone. There are also tankless water heaters. It’s completely insulated, and of course, there is a lovely master suite with dual walk-in closets and a gourmet kitchen.

“It’s now a midcentury modern that keeps the original character and style of the 1950s, but offers modern amenities,” David Griffin listing agent Brandon Stewart said. “That’s what is so cool.”

7406 Currin Drive 8

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7406 Currin Drive 11

7406 Currin Drive 12

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Authentic elements like the exposed vaulted wood ceilings, original brick flooring, and walls of glass blend seamlessly with the new elements. Those ceilings are amazing. They are two by four pieces of wood laid sideways and sandwiched together.

7406 Currin Drive 15

7406 Currin Drive 16

7406 Currin Drive 17

7406 Currin Drive 18

7406 Currin Drive 19

7406 Currin Drive 22

7406 Currin Drive 21

7406 Currin Drive 23

7406 Currin Drive 26

There are gorgeous views out of every window. The master suite is like living in a luxurious tree house. In fact, trees are the theme here. You’ll see treetop views from the master shower, the deck is built around a tree, and the loggia was created with three openings for tree branches to extend through. We hope more builders take note that it is not necessary to chop down these beauties. You just have to have talent and imagination. We think Magadini outdid herself on this one!

7406 Currin Drive 27

7406 Currin Drive 28

7406 Currin Drive 30

At $1.3 million, we expect Stewart’s phone to be ringing off the hook. It just listed, so we hope you have him on speed dial!

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