Remodeling a Mid-Century Modern Home to Maximize Value

Posted by Brandon Stewart on Wednesday, August 25th, 2021 at 11:02pm.

A mid-century modern home is a timeless staple that anyone can appreciate. However, remodeling them takes some attention to detail - especially if you want to increase value while maintaining the original charm and character. Here are some tips for remodeling a mid-century modern home today.

The “Bones” of the Home

The bones of the home are one of the most important aspects of increasing value. Be sure solid bones in a remodel are addressed first. In mid-century homes, the roof, HVAC, water heater, and more are often beyond their usable lifespan. 

Before renovating anything else in the house, you should address an aging roof and any infrastructure items in need of attention like electrical or plumbing. Once you have a dependable roof, HVAC, you can focus on the kitchens and bathrooms. These spaces tend to provide the most return on investment. 

In the Kitchen

A Kitchen Remodel is a renovation that adds significant impact. Though laminate countertops were often found in mid-century modern homes, they often aren’t practical or desirable in today’s kitchen. 

Mid-century modern renovations are all about selective changes. So you might change to quartz countertops instead of laminate.  Just stay away from granite or other stones that aren’t appropriate for the mid-century modern aesthetic. Even with a quartz countertop, you can still keep the mid-century modern feel by refinishing existing cabinets, doing a geometrical tile backsplash, a reminiscent tile or wood floor, and updating the appliances with modern appliances that have a retro feel. 

If you can’t get the retro appliances, just try to make them as simple as possible with clean lines. Mid-century modern styling is all about the detail in the architecture and the finishes.

For the Bathrooms

Bathroom remodels are also an important aspect of renovations. In the bathroom, mid-century remodels focus on bringing warm finishes or mosaic tiles into the vanity and more geometric tile into the shower, flooring, and backsplash. Also keep in mind that bathtubs were common, so if you can keep or upgrade an existing tub you’ll be one step ahead. If you’re lucky enough to have a colored tub, please consider the retro charm it presents before you paint it white. 


Mid-century homes were all about earthy tones including variations of sand, mustard yellows, oranges, browns, and greens. Any color that is inspired by the Earth will fit into a timeless mid-century modern home. A fresh coat of paint is often the least expensive improvement you can make to a space that provides the greatest return. 


Metal accents like gold and brass keep the mid-century modern look while still feeling updated. Incorporate them into the kitchen by replacing the faucet and the lighting to include metal finish pendant lighting and gold or brass drawer pulls and cabinet handles. In the bathroom, you can replace the lighting fixtures, sink faucets, and other plumbing fixtures. 

Tech Opportunities

Mid-century homes in their time were considered homes of the future, adding tech where they could. Increase the value of the home by keeping the technology updated. Window treatments that open at the click of a button or automatic lighting will increase the value while staying true to the mid-century tradition.

The Iconic Considerations

Remember all of the wood paneling? Though it might be the first thing you consider removing in a renovation, keeping it can keep the charm of the house, making it more desirable to home buyers. Unfortunately, you can’t find many houses with the wood paneling in good condition anymore. So, if you are lucky enough to have it in your home, you should think twice about getting rid of it. Instead, use it as an accent wall, update it with some paint, or fully embrace it with the right furnishings. 

Speaking of furnishings, finding the right ones especially if you need to stage the home is important to the appeal and charm of a mid-century modern home. Focus on warm, cozy fabrics with simple lines and metal and wood accents. You might find a chair that has a velvet seat in an earth tone with wood legs and metal arms. Pieces like this will be iconic to a mid-century modern space.

Looking for a Remodeled Mid-Century Home or Ready to List? 

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