What’s the Best Home to Shop for If You Have Children?

Posted by Brandon Stewart on Tuesday, April 26th, 2022 at 7:28pm.

by Karl Kennedy of projectortop.com


What’s the Best Home to Shop for If You Have Children?

Investing in a new home is a big step - especially when you have kids to think about. The home that you’ll be living in as a family needs to be safe, in a good location, with excellent schools to attend. Those are the obvious look-outs.

But what else should you be considering when looking for your next house? Outside of the most important criteria we mentioned just now, are there any other little things about a house that would make it a sure sell?

What about … easily accessible stairs that can be safely gated?

Stairs are a nightmare, especially when your kids are toddlers just learning to walk and run around. You want to make sure that the steps can easily be gated both at the top and bottom to eliminate any hazards or potential injuries. If you can’t easily put a gate up around such staircases or doorways, you’ll be stressed following your little guy or girl around all the time in hopes that they don’t get hurt.

Have you thought about … a kid friendly bathroom?

Sure, themed bathrooms are a hit for the little ones, but that’s not what we’re talking about. We mean is the bathroom appropriate enough and accessible for kids of all ages? Is there an area for a small potty to be stationed in the bathroom, so that when it comes time to potty train, you’re not throwing the big toilet at them first thing? Is there a tub for washing purposes? Small children don’t bode well with showers when they’re 2,3, and 4 years old. Showers can sometimes be scary at that age.

Storage space for extra towels and toys wouldn’t hurt, either.

Is there … a fenced in yard?

The backyard is so big for a small child. Countless adventures, so much space, and no limit on imagination. That’s why a fenced in yard will offer your child space for him or her to explore their likes and dislikes while keeping them safe from strangers and cars passing by on the streets.

Making sure you have a locked entry fence door is also important, so that when they become of age and height to open it, they won’t understand how to.

Are you looking for … a swimming pool?

Attractive home additions are always a plus for prospective homeowners with children. One in particular would be a swimming pool, as kids love to be outside and in the water on a sunny day.

One large perk of this home addition is that if your kids don’t know how to swim yet, they can easily be in the comfort of their backyard with you as their lifeguard. A few floaties and pool toys is all you need to keep them interested. Just be sure to clean it regularly for maximum fun.

Do … hardwood floors tickle your fancy?

Hardwood floors are a definite sell for parents with little kids. Spilling drinks and dropping food off the table is a regular occurrence - one that carpets do not welcome.

The good news is that hardwood floors give you the easiest clean up of all. A dash of soap, some heavy duty paper towels, and an ample supply of water will get that mess cleaned right up in no time. Not to mention sweeping and mopping are easy as can be - and easier to get at.

Remember, outside of the necessities like location, good neighborhood, and safe schools, the rest is pretty much up to you as the parent. Enter your new home with items your child needs and get creative with the rest! Will a swimming pool addition be a great twist to your new house? Will a kid-friendly bathroom make bathing time easier? How grateful will you be for a fenced in yard? Once you narrow in on what you want, you’ll know exactly what to look for.

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