Our Marketing Plan


When you're ready to take the next step toward selling your home, I'm here to help. My unique and comprehensive marketing plan will put your home in front of the right qualified buyers.

The Right Price

I'll research your home and put together a custom marketing plan with an appropriate price. A well-priced home can generate competing offers and drives up the final sale price. We definitely don't want to over-price your home and force it to sit on the market for months with no offers.  The trick is to price it on the edge of believability.

The Right Exposure

  • We put our listings not only on mod214.com, but the ever-popular David Griffin & Company Realtors web site as well.  This ensures that your property is exposed to thousands of potential buyers.
  • MLS - We make sure that your listing is available through the local MLS - online. This means other agents and brokers can view your home details from anywhere - even their mobile device.
  • Syndication - We automatically "syndicate" your home listing with large Internet real estate search engines and classified market places such as Google, Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com and others. 
  • We'll feature your home in our newsletter which now reaches over 3000 architects, artists, and design enthusiasts in the metro-plex. This has historically been a great way to showcase properties beyond the MLS.
  • Brandon's background in architecture has given him an “eye” for design and a strong graphic advantage over any other realtor. We encourage you to look at the photographs of other realtor’s listings in comparison to our's. Architectural photography is not only a critical part of our marketing plans, but a life-long passion as well.
  • Brandon is a licensed architect. Buyers have greater confidence in dealing with someone they consider to be an educated professional rather than just a salesperson.  If we are marketing the architectural significance of your home, who would be better to speak to the significance than an educated and licensed architect?
  • Most importantly though, we give our clients honest, truthful, and insightful advice.  Don’t fall for someone over-pricing your home just to get you to sign a listing agreement. It’s the oldest trick in a realtor’s black book, and we refuse to do it. Some agents routinely inflate a home’s value in order to acquire listings, but sadly do their client a disservice. Over-pricing your home will ultimately lead to a lower final sales price.

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