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Home offices are at the top of buyers’ wish lists and a must-have for any remote employee at the moment. With everyone working from home because of the pandemic, there’s been a massive rise in demand for this sort of at-home professional space.

But when it comes to putting it together, what can you do to create the perfect Dallas home office? What is it that’s going to catch potential buyers’ attention and increase the value of your home, and also make this a space that’s functional, comfortable, and enjoyable to be in? Here are some tips on creating the perfect Dallas home office.

Start With Your Must Haves :


More than anything else, a home office has to be practical. First of all, you need a space dedicated to it. It doesn’t…

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A mid-century modern home is a timeless staple that anyone can appreciate. However, remodeling them takes some attention to detail - especially if you want to increase value while maintaining the original charm and character. Here are some tips for remodeling a mid-century modern home today.

The “Bones” of the Home

The bones of the home are one of the most important aspects of increasing value. Be sure solid bones in a remodel are addressed first. In mid-century homes, the roof, HVAC, water heater, and more are often beyond their usable lifespan. 

Before renovating anything else in the house, you should address an aging roof and any infrastructure items in need of attention like electrical or plumbing. Once you have a dependable roof, HVAC,…

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July 31, 2021 | Joanna England  Midcentury Modern

If you look at this home long enough, your imagination will run away with itself. It’s like a Rorschach test — what you see is what you see, and there’s no wrong answer.

Is this John Barthel-designed Midcentury Modern a spaceship? Is it an airplane? To me, the home looks like an origami crane as it begins to unfold. Or what about a bird that’s about to take off from a perch? See? No wrong answers.

The only thing more distinctive than this 1959-built Midcentury Modern home’s dramatically gabled roofline is the spaces within. There are definitely some Eichler vibes going on with the 20-foot windows that bring in views of what listing agent David Griffin &…

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by Karl Kennedy of


Pandemic Effect: Increased Importance of Home Office & Theater

 As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, most of the citizens of our nation have been spending more time in their homes under government lock down orders. Working from home, once considered an employment perk, has now become the norm for many workers. Instead of engaging in activities in public places, like going to the neighborhood movie theater, we are all spending more time watching movies and sporting events from the sofa in our living rooms. Thus, the increased importance of having a home office and a home theater.

The Home Office

As a result of the pandemic, companies have sent their employees home to work virtually. Even before the…

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 Why Mid-Century Modern Homes Are So Popular

by Karl Kennedy of


 Following the Second World War, from the middle 1940’s to the late 1960’s, a new style of home became popular, the Mid-Century Modern. Today, this style of home is still popular and sought after due to its minimalist look, yet still emphasizing functionality. Owning one of these homes is like living in a time capsule when a black and white TV, a new invention called the microwave oven, and Barbie dolls were the things to own.

 Must Have Architectural Features to be Considered Mid-Century Modern

Understated and Geometric – No more overstuffed furniture and overfilled rooms. Clean lines, lots of windows (floor to ceiling preferably), and the use of natural…

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Things Not To Overlook When Home Searching

 by Karl Kennedy of

When searching for a house to purchase, be careful not to fall too fast for the home that looks like “the one.”  Quite often, heavily edited pictures are the first thing a person sees when home searching online for what’s available in his or her desired area.  These pictures are usually accompanied by a short blurb that explains how amazing the home is or how it could be customized to perfection for whoever the buyer is after doing some work on it.

 It’s essential to go with a game plan if a property wows enough to visit in-person.  Arrive with questions for the seller’s agent and don’t be afraid to ask more during the tour. Give each room a detailed inspection. …

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by Karl Kennedy of

Mid-Century Modern Look

For most people, mid-century modern design -- which marks home and office trends from the 1950s to the late 1960s -- triggers good memories and positive energy. The style, which features sleek lines and a sense of unclutteredness, has never really gone out of style. However, in these troubling times, heads are turning back to this functional, nostalgic look.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you want to bring that mid-century modern feel to your home:

Keep it Practical

The idea is practicality. Furniture should be functional and have a minimal, clean,“modern” look. It should take up very little space, and not give off a feeling of being wasteful.

Use Mid-Century Materials

Plastic and wood…

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by Matt Lee of Innovative Building Materials


Mid-century interior design has become popular as of late, and there’s no shortage of trends and ideas to experiment with when it comes to implementing this unique style into your home. If you’ve just moved into a new home or you simply want to give yours an interior makeover, let’s go over a few of the most popular trends right now in mid-century interior design.

1. Seamless Design

One of the defining features of mid-century design is its simplicity. Seamless surfaces are an embodiment of this ideal, and acrylic solid surfaces are the perfect way to implement it. Acrylic solid surfaces come in a variety of styles and colors so you can match them to whatever kind of theme you have going…

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Source: Candy's Dirt

Texas ModernPhoto courtesy Charles Davis Smith, FAIA

Most people don’t realize our state, and particularly our city has an abundance of award-winning Texas Modern homes.

When you think about it, the rise of this style is not surprising. We are known for bigger and better, but we are also known for innovation and common sense. The result is a unique Texas residential architectural style.

Photography by Cagle Art, LLC

Dallas Architect David Williams is considered by most to be the pioneer of the Texas Modern movement, with O’Neill Ford coming along under his wing. These two men set the stage in the 1920s and ’30s for what we see today. The use of native Texas materials combined with the practical aspects of ranch construction made sense.…

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What a different world we live in today. Who would have thought most of us would be working from home, wearing masks in public, and hoarding toilet paper and disinfectants? Welcome to 2020 and our new reality.

So what does all of this virus stuff mean for DFW real estate? I'm seeing less showings on listings, but believe it or not people are still buying homes. Agents have gotten creative to try an minimize exposure for buyers and sellers. We're using facetime, zoom, videos, and 3d virtual tours.

Yes sales have slowed, but I'm hopeful it's more of a temporary slowdown than a long term shift. According to this article - D-FW’s Home Market Ranked Among Least at Risk From COVID-19 by the Dallas Morning News, Dallas and Fort Worth markets are…

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