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Dallas AIA Home Tour 2022

I think this is by far the best home tour in Dallas.  I've done them all and nothing even comes close to the AIA's Tour if you like architecturally significant homes.  I hope you were able to make it out this weekend!

A Few of Brandon's Favorites Featured this Year...

3310 Milton Avenue // Laura Juarez Baggett Studio

My take - I have know Laura for many years and in fact sat next to her in design studio in my junior year in architecture school.  The continuous refinement of her work and attention to detail are quite inspiring.  As the great Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe once said, "The Devil is in the Details."  Laura doesn't…

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by Karl Kennedy of


What’s the Best Home to Shop for If You Have Children?

Investing in a new home is a big step - especially when you have kids to think about. The home that you’ll be living in as a family needs to be safe, in a good location, with excellent schools to attend. Those are the obvious look-outs.

But what else should you be considering when looking for your next house? Outside of the most important criteria we mentioned just now, are there any other little things about a house that would make it a sure sell?

What about … easily accessible stairs that can be safely gated?

Stairs are a nightmare, especially when your kids are toddlers just learning to walk and run around. You want to make sure that the steps…

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by Karl Kennedy of

Work Space

Finding a Home with Work In Mind

For more and more of the current American workforce, WE work doesn’t have near as much influence over where we need to live. Having a short, or reasonable, commute time has become less important for the 24% for us that have joined the remote, or work from home workforce. Because employers are now allowing workers to do their jobs remotely, those remote workers are free to search for homes further away from traditional locations, like within certain city limits or neighborhoods.

What has become more important than location is the flexibility of spaces in the home. Remote workers need an office space that is separate from the home’s daily activities, set up for privacy, and…

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From Candy's Dirt
March 5, 2022 | Nikki Barringer 

We all know the Disney Streets. Lined with mid-century moderns and some other stuff, too. It’s the home to homes that make your eyes sparkle and your jaw drop. The latest listing from David Griffin’s Brandon Stewart is no exception. If you don’t know Stewart, take a deep dive here. He’s a musician, architect, and mid-century modern dreamweaver.

He found this house for his clients years ago. He scoured the MLS and some of his other sources and it appeared. Almost like magic. Because that’s what it is and that’s what Stewart does. He said the couple was looking for a true mid-century modern. Not a ranch-style house. And…

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From Candy's Dirt Brandon Stewart
David Griffin & CompanyMaddox, Brandon, Ali, and Gunnar

What strikes me about the agents at David Griffin & Company is their abundant talent in areas other than real estate. For example, let’s consider how music and architecture led Brandon Stewart into real estate.

Growing up in Kansas City, Missouri, Brandon started playing guitar at 14, and then became interested in recording. By 19 he was working in a Phoenix recording studio with George Strait and Itzak Pearlman as clients. His weekly gig in college was recording the Phoenix Symphony.

Brandon StewartBrandon Stewart

How did you get from recording studios to architecture? 

Brandon: The concept of recording studios inspired me. The idea of a room dedicated to extracting creativity from people…

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by Rahul Agarwal with Styldod.


In a high-paced and explosive industry like real estate, it can get difficult to reach your target audience, especially when you do not have a competitive advantage. Moreover, buyers now prefer to browse through listings online and shortlist the best ones before making an actual visit. This has made 3D rendering one of the most popular marketing tools in the history of real estate.

3D rendering includes creating 3D representations of a property and virtually adding elements to capture buyers’ attention. It can help you get the best deals for your listings and completely change the way you position yourself in a competitive industry like real estate. How? Let’s understand.

  1.       It Reduces the Operational…
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by Karl Kennedy of


What Seniors Should Consider When Selling Their Home

Aging in place doesn’t necessarily mean aging in the home that you have owned for most of your life. Sometimes the old homestead becomes more of a burden than it once was. Circumstances like health considerations, property maintenance requirements, or maybe a better climate can cause seniors to want to look for a new location to live out their golden years. There are some important factors to keep in mind when selling a home later in life.

 Start With Sound Financial Advice

Getting sound financial advice is the starting point for seniors that are considering selling their home. Tax rules are complicated when it comes to capital gains or selling at a…

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Home Office

Home offices are at the top of buyers’ wish lists and a must-have for any remote employee at the moment. With everyone working from home because of the pandemic, there’s been a massive rise in demand for this sort of at-home professional space.

But when it comes to putting it together, what can you do to create the perfect Dallas home office? What is it that’s going to catch potential buyers’ attention and increase the value of your home, and also make this a space that’s functional, comfortable, and enjoyable to be in? Here are some tips on creating the perfect Dallas home office.

Start With Your Must Haves :


More than anything else, a home office has to be practical. First of all, you need a space dedicated to it. It doesn’t…

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A mid-century modern home is a timeless staple that anyone can appreciate. However, remodeling them takes some attention to detail - especially if you want to increase value while maintaining the original charm and character. Here are some tips for remodeling a mid-century modern home today.

The “Bones” of the Home

The bones of the home are one of the most important aspects of increasing value. Be sure solid bones in a remodel are addressed first. In mid-century homes, the roof, HVAC, water heater, and more are often beyond their usable lifespan. 

Before renovating anything else in the house, you should address an aging roof and any infrastructure items in need of attention like electrical or plumbing. Once you have a dependable roof, HVAC,…

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July 31, 2021 | Joanna England  Midcentury Modern

If you look at this home long enough, your imagination will run away with itself. It’s like a Rorschach test — what you see is what you see, and there’s no wrong answer.

Is this John Barthel-designed Midcentury Modern a spaceship? Is it an airplane? To me, the home looks like an origami crane as it begins to unfold. Or what about a bird that’s about to take off from a perch? See? No wrong answers.

The only thing more distinctive than this 1959-built Midcentury Modern home’s dramatically gabled roofline is the spaces within. There are definitely some Eichler vibes going on with the 20-foot windows that bring in views of what listing agent David Griffin &…

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